MIT License

BuckPlayer is under the MIT license! This license means you can use BuckPlayer for any projects you want, commercial and non-commercial!

But, you have to left the copyright header intact. If you are not doing this, you are in violation of the MIT license!



The website is copyright of, the creator of BuckPlayer. It is not allowed to use the website for your own project, system, website, commericial and non-commercial. You are allowed to re-create it.

The examples in the documentation are free to use, you can copy, share, change it and use it for your project(s) without copyrights to BuckPlayer.


Using FontAwesome in BuckPlayer

BuckPlayer uses FontAwesome in the CSS/Player. Using:
Font Awesome 4.2.0 by @davegandy - - @fontawesome

License: (Font: SIL OFL 1.1, CSS: MIT License)



The logo has been created by Anquaser, the logo is for BuckPlayer only. You are allowed to share the BuckPlayer logo, but are not allowed to use this logo for your own company/project without permission of the creator.

Current version BuckPlayer: