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Welcome to the download page of BuckPlayer! Here you can release everything you want, documentations, templates and you can see the downloads of the player. Do you want to go directly to the new version of BuckPlayer? In that case click here!.


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Don't like to download? Or just want a quick start? We offer you a free online version of the newest versions of BuckPlayer! Fast, quick and easy!

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Release information

BuckPlayer is a big project, BuckPlayer will always mention what there in the new version(s) extra is, new, removed or changed. Also on this page you can see the methods that you can use. These methods are going to be send with a link to the documentation. Here you get more information about these methods and/or function. Among others the working, and the way how you can apply it.

When are there new releases?
BuckPlayer isn't going to bring out new releases day after day. This is going to happen after a while, when there are new functions added/bugs removed. When BuckPlayer stays updating, then are users going to download a newer version. The risk could be that when BuckPlayer day after day is updating, people are going to be too lazy to download a newer version of BuckPlayer, that maybe contains important update(s). That risk wants BuckPlayer obviously exclude.

How does the version number look like?
The version number can look like: This version number contains different numbers, all These numbers have a function. In this case stands the 1 for the version number, the 2 stands for minor, the 3 for the bug fixes and the 4 for the build-nummer. So in total there wil be: Versionnumber.Minor.Bug Fixes.Build-Number

BuckPlayer has much options that you can use, BuckPlayer contains therefore extensive documentation that is for everybody free to use. In there are functions and variables That the website-owner can use during the initialising of the player. For every function you can see examples on that page so that you can use it without problems.

Newest version (BuckPlayer

BuckPlayer is out! The first version is out! You can choose your download here:
New in this version
Because everything is new, BuckPlayer will tell here all functions:
Function name Function information
id In which object ID does this player need to be? (use the id="" function of HTML)
playerTemplate Which template do you want to give the player?
autoStart Does the player need to start automatically?
volume What does the volume from the player need to be?
videoUrl Parameter to the URL (link) to the video/muziek/podcast (.mp4, .webm, ogv, .ogg, .mp3, .wav, link to port of icecast/radio)
width Give the player a width
height Give the player a height
logoUrl The URL (link) to your logo
logoBorderRadius Does your logo need a border-radius from about 2 pixels?
urlToOriginalPage What is the orginal page where the video is played? (example: iframes)
companyName What is the name of your company/website/you/videomaker?
allowFullscreen is the player allowed in full screen?
playerBalkTimer After how much seconds does the player need to remove the time?
afterEnding Here you can let the player execute a action after the player is ready with playing. (Javascript function)
isMusicPlayer Is the player a music player?

Release versions
There are no older versions.
Version number Some information
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Player templates
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