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Function: id (since BuckPlayer 1.0)

This BuckPlayer function is about the 'id' variable in the javascript. How does it works?

HTML & Elements

HTML, the inner of the webpage, uses in the most of times a <div> and CSS to style the page. But, you can also use <span> or something else. Those elements have all a kind of variable inside the element. You can set in alle elements the id="myid" code. This can look like for a div like this:
<div id="myid">(Some text in the div)</div>

The ID in BuckPlayer

For Buckplayer, you need the id. Because you want to import a div (in the most cases). How does this exactly work?

You name a div, for testing purposes the example name is player1. Because Buckplayer do like to know in which div the player is, you have to set this div-name in Javascript. This would look like:

    id: 'player1'

Like you see is 'id' exact the same as the 'id' from the div, this works the same in all other elements you might use. You can give the 'id' all names you want, but only when it's exists! When there are two divs with the same 'id', then only the first 'id' will be imported.

Example full script
We want to give you a better view of Buckplayer, so here is a example:

<div id="player1"></div>

    id: 'player1',
    autoStart: false,
    playerTemplate: 'default',
    volume: 100,
    videoUrl: ['/path/to/video.mp4', '/path/to/video.ogv', '/path/to/video.webm'],
    width: '100%',
    height: '200',
    allowFullscreen: true,
    playerBalkTimer: 5


When the ID is NOT given, the player will result a error into the command line in your browser. It will look like this:

The player will stop the process.
Current version BuckPlayer: