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Function: autoStart (since BuckPlayer 1.0)

This BuckPlayer function is about the 'autoStart' variable in the javascript. How does it works?

About this function

The player won't start automaticly when the script is running. When you want this, you can set this in the selected player in the Javascript. The function is a boolean, so it only works with 'true' or 'false'. The function will not work with text as input.

Bad examples:

You know, a lot of peoples don't listen or don't understand it, for them, this are the WRONG and good examples:
Wrong (true):
autoStart: 'true'

Good (true):
autoStart: true

Wrong (false):
autoStart: 'false'

Good (false):
autoStart: false

Very wrong:
autoStart: 'important'

So, just use true or false for this function. If this function is not included, the function will always be false (the player won't start automaticly).
Current version BuckPlayer: