Important about BuckPlayer 1.0

No more issues for FireFox! If you have issues, please contact BuckPlayer!

Unlimited functionality

BuckPlayer has some unique funtions for websites! All your users can explore BuckPlayer on your own website! Play, pause & fullscreen: BuckPlayer!
Free Stars

BuckPlayer is designed to play as fast as it could play the videos! Functions as own logo, in-menu-information, function after playing, much of templates and much more! And that for FREE!
Plug it

Set the buckplayer.1.0.js in your head, or use the CDN! After it place a div, call it via a ID, and place the javascript under that div! Set the javascript and play videos like never before!
Version 1.0

Did you know that the first version of BuckPlayer has been released?! Download it now!
Small player, big features!
It is just a CSS file and a Javascript file. Place the player on the wanted-page and enjoy the unique functions and features witch this player can bring to you! Download templates, make your own player templates or share templates! Do something after player the video, add functions like ever before! A new player: a new world to explore!
Fullscreen, Pause, Play: Create your cinema
Buck player is one of the newest players on the web! Full HTML5 and javascript! Add your logo, add the movie-files, change the player-template, create your own style! As a user you can play back, play forward, pause, and alot more! The player can be at full-screen too! When the user need it, they are able to open a pop-up menu via the right-click! In this menu you can 'Start again from beginning', going to the official player page and your name or company text! Full for free! No extra costs, all-in! The only thing is you see even © BuckPlayer. But with those features you don't have to worry!
Do you have more sources on the web for the video? One video on the first domain and the other on a another server? The player will import those videos into the player, when one sever is down with that video on it, the video will be avaible! The reason is that it will use the other resource of the other server. Read more about this method.

This only works when you have imported the two sources of the video. This can look like this: videoUrl: ['', '']

This also works for the .ogv and the .webm!
Some themes
Blue Theme

Music player

Red Theme

Music player

Green Theme

Music player

Radio: MyHitMusic
Style competition!
Take the CSS stylesheet, rename it, create your own template, and sent it to BuckPlayer! Because BuckPlayer needs a lot of player-templates you can sent it to BuckPlayer, and BuckPlayer will add them to the site! So, if you want to see your own good-Buck-player-template, sent it to BuckPlayer! And who knows, maybe your design could be official downloaded here!
Current version BuckPlayer: